Italy has a long history of unfairness in football. There has been match-fixing, bribery, blackmailing and criminal activity involving the mafia in all its local formats. We hope all criminals die, and it’s very likely that they all will. One day. We are trying to be funny here.

However, Italian football has not been poisoned by unfair overspending like in some other countries. Yes, many clubs have sugardaddies, but it has not distorted the whole scene.

Verdict: Currently no clubs are eliminated from the Fair League.

So. We won’t be making a separate league table for the Italian Serie A. The official pages and league table is here. Be happy that your league is (almost) fair.

Although it is a little boring in the way Juventus has been in control during the last years… Maybe, one day, we will create a table for Serie A ignoring their results…