What is this?

Football fans all over the world are frustrated. External money in recent years and other unfair methods have spoiled the competition. It has taken the “sport” out of the sport.

What can hundreds of millions of fans do about it?

Ignore. Ignore the results of the unfair clubs in their national leagues. This is what this website does. We ignore ALL the match results of certain clubs and calculate new and fair league tables without the games the bad guys are involved in.

We give no respect to Chelsea, Manchester City and Paris Saint-Germain, because they have bought their success with unforeseen amounts of external money. We ignore Barcelona and Real Madrid because the Spanish television money is shared in such a way that leaves the others no chance. We ignore Bayern Münich because they “kill” other German competitors by cynically buying their best playes.

Of course, these clubs have some and most of the best players of the world. Should we ignore them totally? No – that’s what the Champions League is for. Let them do the big battles there.

But for the national leagues they are ignored.